Linux Best Code (Text) Editor : Atom, Sublime or Visual Studio Code?

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Sublime Text

I used ST2 in the past. How it works: Getting the job done as simple as possible. ST2 is pretty fast in starting up and in usage in general.

Pros :

  • Free for evaluation.
  • Fast load up.

Cons :

  • Sublime Text can’t be used commercially unless you buy a license.
  • Not Open Source.


Atom was my choice for almost 2 years now, even before the initial stable release. Atom is created by GitHub and backed by an enormous community. I used atom mainly for web development . So my stack was : Remote-FTP, Git Plus, Atom Beautify, Terminal Plus and some languages support (JS, PHP, etc…)

Pros :

  • Amazing Community and large number of plugins
  • Open Source

Cons :

  • Some important features don’t come bundled with Atom (eg:Terminal) and needs to be installed through a package.
  • Usually Buggy and slow.
  • Some packages breaks a lot and sometimes makes Atom Unusable.
  • Code autofromat/beautify isn’t standalone (It uses external tools to do the real formatting) which may take extra steps to install and configure.

Visual Studio Code:

Visual studio is my current choice. It is very fast and have all main features needed for an editor and some IDE features as well for a fast work flow.

Pros :

  • Open Source
  • Very fast
  • Main features come prebundled with vscode (Terminal, Git, Code format, debugging, etc…)

Cons :

  • Community is still not as mature as atom or sublime.
  • Multiple licenses for the same version, Microsoft license for the executables and MIT for the source code.
  • Still not as many plugins as Atom or Sublime




VSCode Atom Sublime
Number of plugins on the marketplace 2,910 6,030 3,975
Load Time (Same Machine, Same Folder) 8 Seconds 50 Seconds 20 Seconds
RAM Usage 100 MB 600 MB  98 MB


I’ve never thought of a day that I give Microsoft credit for an Open source project, but It seems the day has come. Great job Microsoft!




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