How Much Would Your Next Complete Solution Cost?

The most important aspects of any deal, Get what For how much?

The Equation is Simple


To get one happy customer you need reasonable pricing, bug-free code and delivery on time

Reasonable Costs

Getting costs low is all about utilizing resources and team members as much as possible

Bug Zappers

Most advanced tools to automatically catch and kill all bugs

Time as sharp as C

Continues delivery assures overcoming obstacles as soon as it arises.

Cost per activity

Not all activities cost the same, so here you go


Precise cost per project can’t be generalized or standardized, so instead, we will give you the detailed hourly rate per activity.

For any complete solution, let it be an online portal or a mobile app, you will need activities like Development, Designing, Maintenance, testing and Data Entry. Each activity has a different range.


Our process ensures the highest level of quality, lowest cost and sharpest time







Case Study

Restaurant Complete Solution

The customer's requirements were initialy simple and clear, an eCommerce solution for his restaurant. The solution should provide a complete integeration with their ERP system allowing automatic synchronization for products.

  • TiTrias Cost Estimate $4,980
  • Competitor Cost Estimate $50,000

Alpha Delivery

After "Alpha Version" delivery, the customer tested the initial working system internally in the restaurant. During this phase, he had new interesting ideas.

On Alpha Version Delivery, only 25% of project cost is paid

Delivery Tracking System

The clients are given the ability to track the their deivery in realtime.

* Realtime data about the vehicles are gathered in two ways:
1- Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices (Ex: TR06n Protocol).
2- A customized application on the mobile of the Delivery Person(s).

* Server is modified to handle both types of data smoothly.

* Clients can use the online portal to view the status and the location of the delivery.

Cost Estimate (Tracking): $2,450
Competitor Cost Estimate (Tracking): $15,000

Project Cost Estimate so far: $7,430

Parking Management System

After beta delivery, the customer started testing the product with real clients and in different working environments, a new brilliant idea came in his mind: to add a parking management system that allows clients to get information about allowed parking slots and their locations. The idea became reality through a mobile app.

Clients can reserve a parking slot with a single click.

The restaurant can easily update the status of free slots and modify the reservations and the parking place organization through a fancy web page on the online portal.

    Cost Estimate (Parking): $2,070
    Competitor Cost Estimate (Parking): $6,500

    Project Cost Estimate so far: $9,500

Final Delivery

Actual Cost $9,500, Estimated: $10,450

Our Cost $9,500, Competitor Estimate: $78,000

Actual Project Days: 135 Days, Estimated: 175 Days

The final complete solution consists of:
  • Online eCommerce Website, with shop, cart and online payment.
  • Complete integration with an ERP System
  • Courier (Deliveryperson) Tracking Application
  • Delivery Tracking Portal for Clients
  • Parking Management Portal
  • Parking Application for Clients
  • Notifications and promotions: through mails, SMS and mobile notifications
  • Administration Portal for reporting and static pages' modifications


After the final delivery, all projects get 6 months of free maintenance, after that yearly maintenance costs 16~22% of the project cost..

In this case, the maintenance fees are 18% ($1700) per year

Maintenance assures 3 things, your project has speed, is 100% secured and is always above the competition.

Realtime bug reporting through an AI system that provides maximum stability for the system.

Easy help desk for quick communications with the customer for new ideas, suggestions and modifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Pricing Questions


What would it cost me to add a button X to do action Y to my existing website or application?

That’s a question we get a lot. There is no way to estimate how much a functionality would cost, for example, adding a simple button to show a message wouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to implement. However, adding a button to artificially generate a time table through a complex genetics algorithm with a neural network to get the highest fitness may take months to complete, although that’s just a button. The description alone is a bit complex, Ah?

How much would a simple website/software would cost?

Another very common question, simple is not always simple (Check the previous question), but we can always help you get the best service that fits your budget and incrementally add functionality to your software.

Your prices are so low, are you laundering money?

No, we don’t launder money. Yes, our prices are low! We know this is very strange. You can hire a complete development box for such low rates that are even lower than a single developer, our prices are final and there are no hidden fees at all. We utilize our resources as much as possible to keep our prices low. We don’t let a senior developer do data entry which saves you money, also all our process steps are 100% automated so no hassles or delays get on our way.

Further more, we let our customers have a live monitoring of all activites happening on their project. A real-time validating is very important to avoid repeating any parts of the job which amazingly decreases time and money needed.

One last scene that may explain this all, imagine that at the same time more than three persons edit the same file at the same time, each have their own role and each are billed with a different rate, ensuring you are billed for the lowest rate for the activity.

Why are your prices high?

We have never got this question actually, but if you think these prices are high per activity, you can ask for a quote below to get an exact estimation so you can decide better.

We are an Agency, TiTrias has anything to help us?

The majority of our customers are agencies that either can’t afford to hire a development team or don’t have the experience to get an IT team on board. We have very interesting offers for Agencies, also an Agency will have the following benefits:

  • All source code is licensed as desired.
  • TiTrias is your back-office, we help you with anything technical without appearing on the scene.
  • You save your time to deal with what you love and we help you with what we love.

All of that for less than a single freelancer cost, again that’s what we are good at, planning and coding at the lowest price.


Do you offer hosting services?

No, but we take care of all your domain registrations and renewals as well as helping you pick a hosting company and a hosting plan for FREE. Check next question for more info.

How much would hosting & maintaining a website cost annually?

We have partnership with the majority of hosting companies, so depending on the requirements we will recommend the best hosting plan and help you setup your website.

The bare minimum hosting price is 90$ per year including .com domain name. The lowest maintenance fee is 60$ per year. The majority of our websites are hosted on plans starting from 120$ (Shared Hosting) up to 360$ (Minimal VPS).

Would the solution be hackable?

With finest acknowledged security specialists, you can be sure that your project is in safe hands. Our Engineers carry out periodic penetration tests to all websites to make sure no exploitable vulnerability exists. Security is our expertise!

Does this mean there is no chance my portal/website can be hacked?

Unfortunately, Everything is vulnerable, even the most powerful systems in the world! We do our best to prevent any attack. Our systems have very powerful firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS). Combining that with latest security trends and up-to-date products leaves no chance for a hacker to get into any system.

Our experience shows that the majority of successful attacks are based on system misconfigurations and user unawareness, so we raise awareness amongst our customers and end-users how to have clean operating systems and how to detect a suspicious activity to avoid being a victim of a click-bait, social hacking or click-jacking.


Do you offer sped-up development?

Sure, we can always allocate more resources, teams or team members to your project. However, some cases may not allow much of parallelism between activities. So, this will rely solely upon the nature of the project and whether we can work on two modules/parts/phases of the project at the same time.

Sometimes we can complete 75% (From brainstorming to Alpha version) of the project within 85.7% less time (3 days instead of 21 days) but the rest of the process can’t be speeded with the same rate, also we don’t usually recommend speeding up the development speed as our experience tells us that customers usually update their ideas and enhance some of their visions along the way.

Can I add/change some features to the solution after starting the development process?

Absolutely yes, and practically that happens a lot. After starting the development process, you will have new ideas and new enhancements. With our flexible process and our extraordinary sophisticated communication channels (Online portal, help desk and Live chat), we will be able to analyze, plan and prototype your new ideas in no time, however, keep in mind some new features may not be feasible in the first iteration of development so we may need to finish working on the agreed features and after that start working on the new features.

Also, some new features may require extra time and/or cost.

TL;DR: This will 100% happen (changing some features along the way), and we will help you achieve that in all possible ways without affecting time and cost much, or even at all, but rarely we may not be able to schedule the changes in the first iteration.

I want to build X using Y, can you do that?

We support a very wide range of programming languages to develop frontends, backends, desktop applications and mobile applications.


JavaEE: Spring,Hibernate, PrimeFaces  …

PHP: Laravel, Symphony, YII2, …

NodeJS: Express, Meteor, …

Python: Django, Flask, …

DBs: Oracle, MySQL (Oracle or MariaDB), PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, PouchDB, …

Others: Go, Scala,…


Angular (AngularJS and Angular 5), React, jQuery (Duh?), Bootstrap (3 & 4), Material Design,…

Mobile Applications:

Native: Android (Kotlin/Java), iOS (Swift/Objective C)

Hybrid: Ionic, React Native, Nativescript or even pure cordova/phonegap.

Desktop Applications:

Electron, C# (Mono, .NET), Java SE,…

Sometimes, we may go a bit lower and use C++ in some sophisticated parts of the system to get much higher performance.

On the first two stages of the development process (Brainstorming and Planning), we and you are going to join forces to decide the best stack to use for your project.

How do you compare to freelancers?

Searching for a good freelancer is a very hard and risky process. A freelancer is either too good consequently costs a fortune, or very cheap and bad.

Sometimes you can find a good freelancer for a great rate, but this engagement is usually for a period of time, freelancers are continuously seeking better opportunities. After a project is delivered, you start facing maintenance problems and occasionally the freelancer becomes unavailable.

Also, a single freelancer is rarely enough, you have to find at least a freelancer for designing another for development a third for data entry to get best results for lowest cost.

A more complex project will require a manager/team leader and more than one freelancer per activity. We can reduce all the hussles:

  1. Activity rates are lower than a good freelancer, but for a whole team instead of a single freelancer.
  2. Quality guaranteed! if for any reason you are not comfortable, you won’t have to pay anything for the first phase of the project.
  3. We have all kind of legal documents you may need from code licensing and copyrighting to NDAs and tax forms.

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