Reface : How Facebook should have been like! [ Chrome Extension ]

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Recently, I started to hate the way Facebook shows activity of the world all over the place. Whether through the home page or the silly ticker!

I’ve implemented a small extension to remove parts that I don’t like. In my case I removed Ads, ticker, home button & the top news part in home page. As Facebook became an insults pool and a hatred spreading methodology and of course I don’t want to hear people amazingly stupid political thoughts !

The worst part is whenever someone is not courage enough to insult face-to-face, Facebook is used.

That’s why we need to “Reface”.

The extension consists of two files: the manifest file and the custom styles file.


	"manifest_version": 2,

	"name": "Reface",
	"description": "How facebook should have been like.",
	"version": "1.0",
	"content_scripts": [{
		"matches": ["*", "*","http://**", "https://**"],
		"css": ["customStyle.css"]
	"permissions": ["*", "*","http://**", "https://**"]


	display:none !important;


Feel free to edit the code for your own needs. These two files should be put in one folder and loaded in chrome through Settings -> extension -> load unpacked extension and choose you folder.

Or download this CRX and drop it on extensions panel in chrome.
Now Facebook for me is just a twitter with pages and groups. No intrusion by silly thoughts or shitty ads. Most importantly people insulting each other is not a part of my Facebook any more.

Facebook destroy social life. Stop using it as a substitute life. Stop Facebooking your life and start Facing it.

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